Kit Peters 

Founder of Together We Wait

Bachelor of Sociology – BSSc

Well hello there,


I'm Kit, the founder of Together We Wait.


My deepest desire is to mobilise positive change for women in IVF.  


Through my own experience with IVF, I have an understanding of some of the obstacles. As a highly anxious person, IVF triggered a great amount of anxiety in me. I found that there was a real lack of mental and emotional support in the process. That's why I'm so devoted to building a community of women that have this necessary support during IVF.


The Together We Wait is not just a support network or group, it is a loving, connected and compassionate community of women.


The Mighty Networks app allows you to connect with other women in IVF online. Through the app, you can take these connections offline and arrange in-person catchups. It is easy to use and helps to reduce the lack of mental and emotional support in IVF.


The timing and obstacles in IVF are often outside of your control. Yet, what you can control is the way you choose to wait. Why not wait together in IVF as a loving and connected family. 


Much love and care,