The Art of Surrender in IVF

Updated: Jul 12

“My darling if we knew what life has in store for us what would be the point of living it.”

My Grandma is my greatest teacher. She shared this wisdom with me a few years ago, and they were a timely reminder for me to surrender during what was a dark time in my life.

After hearing these words from my Grandma, I made a pledge to surrender to the unknown. A great deal of the IVF process is uncertain and out of our control. So, I committed to give my desires and hopes over to a higher power for my own peace and to adhere to the laws of attraction. I had to surrender and stop getting in my own way.

Last week, a Together We Wait community member gifted the community a timely reminder of the importance of surrendering to the IVF process.

She said, "IVF doesn't have a defined time-frame and structure, you can't control it or schedule it, surrender to the process."

I committed to surrender many years ago. The truth is that I continue to be a student of surrender in every moment and in every situation of my life. Surrendering can't be perfected and sometimes is hard to come by, but it is worth the choice.

The art of surrender plays an important part in the IVF process. IVF is part science and part art. Surrender comes under the part art of IVF. When we surrender to the process our hearts become open to receiving and we allow in miracles.

Here are some ways that I practice surrender in my everyday life.

  1. Willing hands. Plant your feet firmly on the floor, feet hip width apart, arms down by your side and palms facing forward. This is the posture of surrender. Your body is release tension and giving over the uncertainty. Essentially you are saying I trust and I allow with your body.

  2. Act and allow. Often we push, chase and try to control situations, people and things. Take a conscious consider action and then give it time and space.

  3. Make a wish and say a prayer. Surrender your hopes and dreams over to whomever you believe in e.g., the universe, God, Allah, Buddha.

  4. Ground through nature. Being grounded is of great importance in the art of surrender. Spend time in nature just being and flowing.

  5. Slow down and accept the present moment. Focus on your breath, focus on your surroundings, practice contemplation, day dream and look up in the sky.

Much love and surrender to you,

Kit xo

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