A love letter to my reproductive system

Updated: Jul 12

In the past, I’ve not held my reproductive organs in high regard at all! I’ve made it the villain of my victim-hood. I have cursed my uterus for rejecting perfectly PGD tested embryos and for allowing Endometriosis to grow on its walls. I have loathed my ovaries for not producing enough progesterone to go forward with an embryo transfer. At times, I’ve despised my period and ovulation for all the pain and discomfort. I've really hated on it.

After having Endo diagnosed and removed last year, I committed to change that narrative and my attitude towards my reproductive organs. With any change comes an initial period of awareness, and out of the darkness comes the polarisations of what you are trying to change. That initial period was horrific. I don’t ever want to have Endo surgery again! I believe conscious actions that come from a place of love and acceptance rather than fear and hate have the power to offer healing.

My reproductive organs are not my enemy now, I can see how incredibly resilient and strong they are and that they have shown up for me even when I doubted their ability to heal and repair. I’m grateful for them and will love and cherish them for all that they are to me right now in my life. The good and the bad.

So last Saturday morning, I sat in a cafe and wrote a love letter to my reproductive organs - as you do!

Reproducing Love

I’m in awe of your existence.

Warm and cosy inside me.

You once lived in my mother,

and my mother’s mother.

I love that you renew each month,

proving the possibilities of new beginnings.

Having withstood many obstacles,

your stimulated ovaries have

produced a ridiculous number of

scientifically crafted follicles.

Yet you mended and healed.

Thank you.

Swollen, solemn and sore,

from numerous eggs retrieved,

leaving you empty and confused.

Yet you mended and healed.

Thank you.

I nourished you to receive new life,

we gifted you perfect embryos,

you rejected them with love.

Oh, how you mended and healed.

Thank you.

Your uterus scraped and cut at,

left throbbing in my belly.

Once again, you mended and healed.

Thank you.

You've had pleasure and pain,

occasionally all at once.

Thank you for always serving me,

even when I strongly doubted you.

I no longer curse you or put you down.

I send you loving messages.

I love you unconditionally.

I love you for all your knowing,

all your rejection,

all your lessons, and

all your gifts.

You have always served me.

I promise to nourish and care for you,

for as long as I have you.

Thank you for serving me with love and grace.

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