Keeping positive in IVF

Last week the Together We Community tackled this question "How do you remain positive during a process that can feel so isolating especially among what appears to be super freakin fertile friends?"

Over the week we came up with these pearls of wisdom drawn from each our personal experiences and what works for us as individuals when faced with pregnancy announcements.

  • Focus on the positive feelings within you.

  • Slow down to align with your mind and body - maybe listen to audio meditation (try IVF and IUI Program · Circle + Bloom) and be near the ocean or in nature.

  • Release control and allow yourself to be.

  • It possible to feel more than one emotion at once.

  • Accept and allow all your feelings to come without judgement.

  • Protect your energy and say no to events or circumstances that may be triggering for you

  • Embrace your inner child and spend some time with the children in your life. Embrace what you are seeking to create.

  • Choose who you share your journey with wisely. Maybe tell 1 or 2 people so you don't have to be consumed with discussing it often and with many people.

  • Do things you really love to do.

  • Know that you are already enough.

Finally, remember you are not alone in this!

Much love,

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