Infertility Awareness Week: Meet Demetra Proestos

Updated: Jul 12

Demetra is a beautiful soul that I had the privilege to meet in person back in February. She is warm, friendly and most of all incredibly brave. Demetra opens up about infertility & shares how to provide support couples going through infertility.

It takes so much courage to share your story of infertility. But, courage is the only way, and having the courage to be vulnerable and share your story and feelings is love in action.

Thank you, Demetra, for sharing your courage and love with us all.

In my eyes, infertility doesn't define you, for you are fertile and full of mothering love and life!

How long have you been trying for a baby?

Just under 3 years

What does it mean to you to have a baby?

A baby would mean everything to me. I grew up with 3 siblings and loved having such a fun and loving family. I want to have that with my husband, to be able to raise a wonderful little human just like us.

What do you wish people would understood about infertility?

It’s a really hard road, lots of uncertainty and sometimes we actually want to talk about it. It can affect literally anyone, no matter your circumstances.

What do you wish people would do to support you and your husband?

Talk to us about it, ask questions, show an interest. I know people are scared to bring it up because it can be a sensitive subject for a lot of people but just ask your friend if they want to talk about it. That might be enough for some people to feel supported.

Where do you go for support?

Together We Wait. I’ve met a few women in that group that are very welcoming and encouraging. It definitely helps! Also, some friends and my husband.

What comfort would you provide a loved one or friend going through Infertility?

Read up on things, get familiar with what your loved one is going through physically. That will open the door for them to talk to you about what’s happening for them emotionally. If you don’t understand, say so, ask questions. Be available, send little treats to say you’re thinking of them.

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