If this tree could talk...

There have been many Together We Wait meetups under this tree. It is situated in the Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney and beneath its branches, women in IVF have sat and shared their stories.

I wonder if it can hear us and see us. If it could, I think it would share what it would see and hear.

I think if this tree could talk it would say...

I've heard it all...

I've heard the miscarriages of both babies and hope

I've heard the non-viable transfers

I've heard the cancelled cycles

I've heard the overwhelm of tough decisions

I've heard the single women going it solo

I've heard the tough calls be made to use donors

I've heard the late diagnosis of fertility-related conditions

I think if this tree could see it would say...

I've seen the her rise again and again

I've seen her share how she found hope once more

I've seen her inspire others to hold faith

I've seen the tough decisions be made

I've seen the healing

I've seen the curiosity to find answers

I've seen the exchanges of compassion

I've seen the hope transform into babies

I've seen exactly what it means to live with courage. I've seen the good and the bad, and the making sense of it all.

I'm so lucky to have heard and seen it all and to help women in IVF by offering them a space to sit and connect under my branches.

What I've seen and heard consistently throughout both the good and the bad is the love and support that comes from this community.

Women supporting one another through infertility and IVF. It is a very beautiful thing to witness and such a privilege.

Love always,

Kit aka the tree ;)


Sydney, Australia

Mobile: +61 430 726 373

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