I met the twins...

Updated: Sep 23

Do you remember Louise....see her story down below.

Well I met her twin girls recently.

They are so sweet and precious.

A perfect reminder of all that is right in this world.

They were full of smiles and have the biggest blue eyes.

They are 9 months old now.

They were wearing the cutest matching floral rompers.

They learnt to wave this week.

I got hold one of them.

She wiggled around on my lap.

It was such a precious moment to meet them.

As I watched their mum and dad care for them, I realised that they had arrived at the perfect time for them and in the perfect way. Nothing much else is perfect in this world. But, those 4 were meant to be together.

It's true "you just can't rush babies" as a friends little girl once said to me when I explained IVF to her and that I needed extra help to create a baby.

Both Louise and her husband come together as such grounded and calm parents, considering they have their hands full. I wonder if that is attributed to the years of challenges they faced conceiving. What a great team they now make.

It was as though no time had passed since I last meet with Louise, which was when she was pregnant with the girls. She's a wonderful role model to me and someone I really look up to.

It is amazing what faith and hope can do...with a helping hand from science and little community of women in IVF that was started by two women who just wanted to feel less alone.

I’m so lucky that TWW played a little role in bringing them forth into the world...Although I’m sure they would have found their way here into the arms of their loving parents.

Louise's story

Dear Kit,

It has taken me a while to try and put into words just how I feel as grateful doesn’t quite sound gracious enough...

As I embark on my 8th week of pregnancy, I keep reflecting on how we really wouldn’t be here without TWW.

Why? Well, we were at an impasse when I stumbled across the TWW group on Meet Up. I’d resigned myself to not having children after 14 rounds of IVF (11 stims and 3 FET) with only one pregnancy that sadly at seven weeks was well behind in detail age and without a strong heartbeat ended in miscarriage.

I came to the meet up not knowing what to expect, a little scared and anxious. You were all so welcoming, and I felt I’d finally found a group that understood and connected with me.

Just before this meet up, we decided to give it one last shot with my eggs. I was positive and hopeful as always. However, I was also planning for other options. What did donor egg look like? Would it be successful? Any other options out there.

In that first, meet up one of the ladies had done donor egg and had a beautiful little girl. Her story was so similar to mine, and it got me thinking. I spoke with my husband, who still wasn’t sure.

When our final round failed, I turned to you as my clinic gave me relatively vague guidance. I had so many questions and wanted to understand how it all worked, what to look out for, what to steer clear of. We’d narrowed down our choice of clinic and you connected me with the wonderful Katie.

Katie, who hadn’t been at my original meet up, and between feeds of her little one gave me more hope and understanding of this whole new world. She also gave me some very precious time that I will be very thankful for. The reassurance was fantastic. Oh and not only that she stayed in touch, wanted to know how I was going and answered all my little questions I felt too silly to ask the clinic along the way.

This gave me not only reassurance but also my husband, who was super skeptical by this point of the whole system, some hope that we could start a family of our own.

I can’t thank you & Marnie enough for starting TWW. Without you we’d either a) still be procrastinating and debating all the options or b) resigned our lives to one without the children we so desperately wanted.

We can’t wait to welcome our twins in December and hopefully even add to our family with one of our 10 embryos still frozen in Hawaii!

Much Love,


*Disclaimer for the sake of privacy the above names are pseudonyms (except for Kit and Marnie). Oh and the picture is of random twins from unsplash.. hahaha


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