Non-Linear Life Lessons for the New Decade

This year has delivered many life lessons and gifts that only further prove my belief that life is non-linear. We often put a significant amount of pressure on ourselves to be at a particular point in life by a certain age. The pressure on women with respect to the biological clock is enormous. At times throughout the year, I've found it hard to accept where I'm at in life. Over the past few months, I have come to a place of accepting where I'm at. For me, acceptance and trust is the only way to find true peace and joy in the present moment.

Instead of rehashing the year, I’ve put together a shortlist of personal ‘non-linear’ life lessons from 2019. I must preface this list by letting you know that I’ve by no means perfected these lessons. Like life, these lessons are forever evolving within our multi-dimensional and multi-faceted realities.

I very much look forward to mastering this list in 2020. I hope you join me in this commitment. Stuff the resolutions and let's embrace lessons that are transformed into commitments to ourselves.

My Non-Linear Life Lessons

Lesson #1 - It is safe to ask for help and receive it when needed. Trust that people more often than not are willing and able to help you. Put your ego aside and ask for help.

Lesson #2 - Rest your body, mind and soul. Still yourself and from this space of solitude you will find all the answers exist within you.

Lesson #3 - The past is best left in the past. We all have misadventures and setbacks that is part of the human experience. Let go of the past, forgive and move on with greater awareness.

Lesson #4 - Show gratitude for what you have. Gratitude creates an abundant mindset and the more grateful you are, the more abundance you will attract.

Lesson #5 - Be kind to yourself and others without exceptions or conditions. A small act of kindness can transform someone’s day. Don’t underestimate the power of being kind to both to yourself and others.

Lesson #6 - Be you and believe in yourself. The most successful people I know are not the most intelligent. They are authentic and have the unique ability to make others feel comfortable and heard. True leaders are empathetic, generous, honest and relate well with people.

Lesson #7 - You don’t need anyone's validation or approval. Surround yourself with people that accept and love you - for you. Life's far too short and precious to be a people pleaser. My new motto is “if you are making everyone happy - something is wrong”

Lesson #8 - Express love with grace and ease. Love is the language of the soul and I hope that this lesson is the easiest for all of us. The world, this planet needs more love and care.

Much love to you all,

Kit xx

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