Finding Clarity in IVF

Updated: Jul 12

My journey towards clarity in IVF..

My journey in IVF led me to become aware of the role worthiness plays in all facets of life. Our awareness of our worthiness determines how we handle every situation in our lives. Be it trying to conceive, navigating a divorce, progressing a career, raising children, sustaining a relationship and finding love. It all comes back to worthiness.

Back in 2016, I walked into my Kinesiologist Rachel Smith’s practice and I sat in front of her and I revealed my broken soul and grief. I shared with her my struggles to conceive, I shared my challenges at work and in relationships. Until that day I had stored all of that shit in my body and soul. Rachel asked me this question, ‘are you the type of person that is always trying to find validation in others, and things?’ I answered ‘yes’. My journal entry for that day concludes with ‘this is me trying to heal my broken life, one small step at a time.’

It has been almost three years since that day. Whilst, I am not perfect and I still fall into the trap of seeking validation in others and things at times, I am always lovingly guided with the help of my loved ones (Rachel included) back to the place of love within me.

My life in the past three years has transformed greatly. To summarise:

I bravely left an unhappy marriage freeing myself and my ex-husband to find love again. He has found love again - I think from what I hear. And, I found love, so much love. Loving people now pour into my life. I’m surrounded by so many loving people.

I’ve repaired and transformed my relationship with my parents. We are now closer than ever before.

I am a proud and devoted Aunty. My niece and nephew adore me.

I have an even stronger bond with my sister and her husband. We found a way to be without my ex-husband. I love spending time with them both.

I finished my degree.

I moved house three times and I am in love with my current apartment.

I’ve healed from illness.

I’ve made soul mates that are my dearest friends.

I’ve left jobs that don’t challenge me in the best possible way.

I started a job that challenges me in the best possible way. I’ve stepped up to the challenge and to this day I keep committed to learning and growing in the role no matter how difficult it can be.

To top it all, I’ve kept Together We Wait going off the smell of oily rag! I have literally poured so much time, energy, love and money into this network. Because, I believe and know that women in IVF need social support. I’m so fiercely determined that I won’t stop until that problem is fixed.

So, my clarity in IVF isn’t about the above list. No, the clarity is how I managed to keep going and thriving through all of the above and more. All of which is part and parcel of being human. So here is my clarity in IVF...

I am worthy of love no what I do
I am love and love is within me
I accept myself for who I am
I am ready to receive

That is my clarity in IVF and in life. I hope my clarity can help you through your dark days and bring even greater light to your bright days.

Much love to you all,

Kit x

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