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Updated: Jul 12

Nikki Janks is the Co-Founder and Studio Manager at Centred Meditation.

It was while studying at University when she experienced first hand the visceral effects of stress on her mind and body: constant anxiety, muscle spasms, digestive issues and the list goes on. She stumbled upon effortless meditation online, and was overwhelmed by it’s immediate effects on all aspects of her life. She has since directed a non-profit organisation, trained as an Ayurvedic Practitioner, and travelled around the world organising, undertaking, and facilitating personal development and leadership programmes.

Nikki is currently a Provisional Psychologist and her purpose is to empower people to be inspired by their own true greatness and freed up to share it with the world.

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Anne-Marijke Gerretsen (aka AMG) is a qualified Nutritionist and Behavioural Psychologist.

Anne is on a mission to make ALL Australian women with Endometriosis aware of the role that diet plays in the severity of their symptoms so they can make informed decisions about how to best manage their symptoms.

Her own journey to becoming healthier in her late 30s led to her studying Nutritional Medicine and starting her online Nutrition Clinic: Eat Well Live Well – The Endometriosis Nutritionist.

When a friend of hers shared her story about having Endometriosis and the struggle to find more natural ways to manage it, she realised that most women with endometriosis are unaware of the role food plays in endometriosis.

Her program “12 Weeks to Eat Your Way to Less Pain” assists women in making dietary changes that help reduce the severity of their symptoms. She is the author of “Using Nutrition to Manage Endometriosis.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Recipes for Women Who Don’t Like (Or Have No Time) To Cook”.

She regularly speaks at Conferences and other events on the role of nutrition in Endometriosis.


Eliza Blackwood

ND, Dip.Nut Naturopath, Nutritionist. NES Health Practitioner

With over 18 years’ experience Eliza has worked both in Australia and overseas treating vast array of people from middle eastern royalty, celebrities, and of course, everyday people.

Eliza is passionate about helping busy people find their health and wellbeing. She treats people individually with her first step in helping people to ‘understand their story’.

Eliza specialises in family health including pre-conception care, hormonal issues, fertility & pregnancy and children’s health complaints offering safe, proven, drug-free alternatives and nutritional education.

Eliza also has a special interest in skin and digestive issues finding ways to help people with these often frustrating and chronic health problems.

As well as general practice Eliza is an accomplished writer and teacher with published health articles. She enjoys family life with two young son’s of her own and 3 step-children that inspire her in helping others with fertility, pregnancy and general health.

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