Accepting the uncertainty of fertility

At the beginning of the year, I set my intentions for the year.

I believe complexity is a disease, so to simplify here are my intentions into two words.

Trust and Allow.

The quest-to-conceive comes with uncertainties, as does most things in life.

This year has shown us all that uncertainty is the only certainty.

To find peace in uncertainty, I believe we must accept where we are at in the present moment.

I've found that accepting where I am at in my life, opens my heart to all possibilities for my future.

Acceptance also anchors me into self-love and the beauty of the present moment.

By accepting what is, I can allow in the beauty and magic of the present moment without force or resistance.

When we are present, we are less likely to future trip or get stuck in the past.

When we allow the presence in the present moment, we build trust in the process of life.

For women in IVF and anyone experiencing obstacle in life, the present moment is often agonising, yet resisting feelings and negative moments can only cause more pain.

I believe that true joy is found in the present moment, through accepting your "now" and all that comes with it. Acceptance can help you move forward with gratitude, grace and compassion.

I don't know about you. But, I want to dance with all the moments of life. The highs and the lows, light and darkness. I want to enjoy the dance thoroughly!

I mean.. who doesn't want to be that little kid dancing their way through this big bad life.

As I reflect on this year, I am just so proud that my vision has come to fruition in both my personal growth and the growth of the incredible women in this community.

I can now trust that love surrounds me and that I can experience love wherever I go.

I now trust that whatever the future holds for me will be bright and magical.

I trust that my future will unfold in whatever way it is meant to and will be for the highest good.

I trust that the women in this community will continue to bring grace, compassion and clarity to IVF and can transform their quests-to-conceive for the better.

It's so darn cool what comes from allowing yourself to trust and enjoy the magical uncertain quest that is life!

Much love,

Kit xx

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