Lesson #1: Find Clarity in Endometriosis Webinar

Anne-Marijke Gerretsen is a qualified Nutritionist and Behavioural Psychologist.

Eat Well Live Well

A Nutritionist's Perspective on Endometriosis


Why we love Anne-Marijke...


Anne-Marijke is on a mission to make ALL Australian women with Endometriosis aware of the role that diet plays in the severity of their symptoms so they can make informed decisions about how to best manage their symptoms.


Her own journey to becoming healthier in her late 30s led to her studying Nutritional Medicine and starting her online Nutrition Clinic: Eat Well Live Well – The Endometriosis Nutritionist.


Her program “12 Weeks to Eat Your Way to Less Pain” assists women in making dietary changes that help reduce the severity of their symptoms. She is the author of “Using Nutrition to Manage Endometriosis.


Anne-Marijke gift to us...


Anne-Marijke uncovers the complex role inflammation plays in Endometriosis development and the role nutrition plays in reducing the severity of Endometriosis symptoms. Anne-Marijke presentation covers key areas on:


  • How inflammation contributes to Endometriosis

  • What an Anti-inflammatory diet means

  • Provides an overview into her Eat Well Live Well 12 week program to Less Pain

  • Gives insight into some creative ways to eliminate gluten and caffeine 

Eliza Blackwood, ND, Dip.Nut Naturopath, Nutritionist. NES Health Practitioner.

CBD Natural Health

A Naturopath's Perspective on Endometriosis


Why we love Eliza...

With over 18 years’ experience Eliza has worked both in Australia and overseas treating vast array of people from middle eastern royalty, celebrities, and of course, everyday people.


Eliza is passionate about helping busy people find their health and wellbeing. She treats people individually with her first step in helping people to ‘understand their story’.


Eliza specialises in family health including pre-conception care, hormonal issues, fertility & pregnancy and children’s health complaints offering safe, proven, drug-free alternatives and nutritional education.

Eliza's gift to us...

Eliza shares with us the hormone metabolism and inflammatory drivers that contribute to Endometriosis. Eliza's presentation covers 5 key areas:

  1. Detoxification and toxins

  2. Gut health

  3. Diet and lifestyle

  4. Inflammation and pain

  5. Stress and the mind

Sydney, Australia


Mobile: +61 430 726 373

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