About Together We Wait

Together We Wait is a thriving and solution-focused community that brings women in IVF together to connect, get curious and create clarity in the IVF process.

Research has found higher rates of major depression in women undergoing infertility treatment and even higher rates in women that have experienced a failed IVF cycle. Many women report a lack of emotional and mental support offered by their clinics during IVF.  

Together We Wait provides social connections for women in IVF. 


IVF is an invasive, exhausting and expensive process for many women.


Our online community and in person meet-ups provides you with valuable social connections.


Women in IVF report feeling a need to connect with ‘women that understand the ups and downs of the whole process. You can just talk about it and know they get it’. This is a direct statement from a community member.


Our community is a safe, inclusive and judgement free space for you to belong and be understood. Together We Wait is an empowered movement, giving a microphone to the voices of women in IVF. Together we are striving for better, conscious and integrative support for women in IVF.

About Kit Peters, Founder of Together We Wait

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Kit Peters is the Founder of Together We Wait.


Kit refers to herself as a “connection creator”.  Her curious nature helps her understand how women in IVF need support and she helps connect them. Kit connects women both online via the ‘Mighty Networks’ app, and in-person through IVF and fertility focused gatherings.


Through her own experience in IVF, Kit has a personal understanding of the obstacles. During her IVF treatment, she felt a real lack of connection, mental and emotional support. Since 2016, Kit has heard this lack of support be validated by many women in IVF. That's why this community of connected and curious women in IVF exists. There’s a real need for better support of women in IVF.


Kit believes that the timing and obstacles in IVF (and life) are outside of our control. Yet, what we can control is the way we frame this reality.


Kit chose Together We Wait, or rather Together We Wait chose her. Kit chose to create a loving and connected family in IVF. This community is her way of mothering and sharing light and love from her quest-to-conceive.


Sydney, Australia


Mobile: +61 430 726 373

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