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Together We Wait.
A solution focused community that brings women in IVF together to connect, get curious and create clarity in the IVF process.

IVF treatment has become common in many developed countries.


1 in 6 Australian couples experience infertility, most of which seek IVF treatment.

Research shows higher rates of depression in women undergoing IVF treatment.


Our community has identified that caring for your mental and emotional wellbeing is critical in IVF.

Social connections in IVF remove feelings of isolation and help support you.


With the many medical decisions and appointments caring for your emotional and mental in IVF can become a second priority.


Our members have reported a lack of support from their clinics in respect to their emotional and mental wellbeing.  

Together We Wait is the Missing Piece in the IVF Puzzle!

Expands your mind through conversations with women based on specific (or not) interests.


Connects you with women who share your interests, who are at the same stage of IVF, who live near you or who care about the same topics.


Helps you make well-informed decisions about the things that are most important to you during IVF.


Exchanges stories, experiences, and ideas (not necessarily advice) to find solutions, normalise and demystify the IVF process.


Provides inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and different perspectives each and every day.

My Approach

Through Kit's own experience in IVF, she has a personal understanding of the obstacles. During her IVF treatment, she felt a real lack of connection, mental and emotional support. Since 2016, Kit has heard this lack of support be validated by many women in IVF. That's why this community of connected and curious women in IVF exists. There’s a real need for better support of women in IVF.

About me

Kit Peters is the Founder of Together We Wait. 

Kit refers to herself as a “connection creator”.  Her curious nature helps her understand how women in IVF need support and she helps connect them.

The Art of Storytelling 

Storytelling, be it by word of mouth and in written form, can connect us to our collective consciousness.


Through sharing our stories, we can learn to evolve. We can then form meaningful heart-centred connections. 

After our last meetup together post losing the twins, you helped inspire me and hubby and I ended up having courage over fear and transferred again in the late November. It was successful, and we got the positive result. I had your encouraging words and hopeful vibes carrying me through that early stage full of so much unknown, but this little munchkin has been a strong, healthy bubba and I’m currently 26 weeks!! 

Jess (featuring the little Miss Charlotte)